Bates Webbers

Bates Webbers

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Revolutionary stirrup straps, made without buckles to reduce the lump under the rider's thigh and provide closer contact to the horse. The single thickness under the rider's leg removes excess bulk and interference.

Elegant high quality leathers, covered in luxurious soft hide. The webbing core ensures that the exceptionally strong leathers will not stretch and cause unevenness. Use with the ultra-lightweight Royal Rider Flex stirrups to complement the lightweight SMART saddle system.

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All SMART saddles incorporate a unique swivel stirrup bar which can be raised to allow the stirrup leather to be slipped on and off the stirrup bar. As with traditional saddles, the bar is open-ended to allow the stirrup leather to be pulled off in the event of a rider fall.

Both designs of stirrup leather are virtually unbreakable, care should be taken to ensure that the stirrup is never allowed to catch on anything otherwise your saddle could be damaged. Always run the stirrups up, cross them over the saddle or use a saddle cover when not in use. When riding, be vigilant and careful going through gateways to avoid trapping the stirrup on latches, posts or other obtrusions.


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