Easy-Fit Balancers complete set

Easy-Fit Balancers complete set

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Designed for use with SMART™ SPORT XVI saddle models to fine tune saddle fit and balance without adding bulk.

The durable, leather covered, Easy-fit balancers can be inserted into the base panels of your SMART SPORT VXI saddle to give supplementary support where required.

SAVE £25 when you purchase a full set.

·         Easy-Fit Balancers 100 - Full length, to support the base panels
·         Easy-Fit Balancers 66 - 2/3 length, can be used to the front or rear
·         Easy-Fit Balancers 50 - 1/2 length, to give additional support over a prominent wither or provide rider support front or rear.
·         Easy-Fit Balancers 33 - A short balancer used at the rear to provide more support for the riders seat, particularly useful if the horse is low or weak behind the saddle.
·         Easy-Fit Balancers 10 - Provides subtle rider support under the cantle.


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