The SMART™ saddle system offers two distinct base types designed to optimise fit for the full spectrum of equine back profiles, making it possible to achieve the best fit for horse and rider combinations in your chosen discipline.


Dressage, Jump and Eventer saddles. Designed in conjunction with and tested by 4* event rider Simon Grieve, the SMART PRO™ is primarily aimed at the competition rider who demands the highest level of performance at all times. This saddle model is ideal for riders who are accustomed to a traditional feel and prefer riding in close contact monoflap style saddles. The streamlined shape, whilst offering a traditional appearance, provides all the benefits of the fully flexible, SMART™ technology. Saddle-fit & balance can be adjusted with our easy to use SMART DSP's where required


Dressage, Jump, GP, Show and VSD style saddles which incorporate all the advantages of the SMART™ saddle system, with special features designed to increase stability for rounder back shapes. The lowest profile and shortened base shape suits the rounder back and eliminates rocking, twisting and slipping saddles typically associated with traditional breeds. Saddle-fit and balance can be adjusted where needed with our easy to use SMART DSP's where required.

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