SMART Native Dressage saddle

SMART Native Dressage saddle

Product Code: SMART Native Dressage saddle
Price: £2,350.00

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The SMART NATIVE Dressage saddle incorporates all the advantages of the SMART™ saddle system, with special features designed to increase stability for rounder back shapes.

The high performance SMART™ Dressage saddle will not restrict the lift and swing of the horses’ shoulder, but lift and move with it, allowing the dressage horse to move with suppleness. The flexible close contact design refines communication by enhancing feel between the horse and rider whilst enabling the rider to maintain synchrony with the horse, achieving a more harmonious performance.

The SMART NATIVE Dressage saddle features:

  • Patented fully flexible low profile SMART NATIVE™ base and fixed gullet for security and stability
  • A deep and secure UltraContact™ seat for rider comfort, balance and support
  • Straight cut, soft padded knee flap to support a long leg, dressage position.
  • Customised knee bock and thigh block options which can be positioned and adjusted as required by the rider. 

SMART NATIVE Dressage saddle is suitable for:

  • Everyday riding and competition
  • Traditional breeds such as Mountain & Moorland, Arabian & Iberian.
  • Ideal for adults on ponies
  • Flatwork including dressage

In addition, the SMART NATIVE™ Dressage PONY has been developed due to demand for a performance saddle from smaller equines and riders. The same high specification and design as the SMART™ NATIVE saddle system but reduced in size to accommodate the smaller child & pony.


SMART Native Dressage saddle customisations

·         Suede seat + £30
·         Suede knee flaps + £50
·         Longer length knee flaps + £80
·         Shorter length knee flaps + £60
·         Suprabloc™ knee flaps + £150

Colour options

·         Black
·         Dark Havana

Size options

·         3
·         4
·         5
·         6

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