SMART™ GP saddles

The adaptable SMART™ GP saddle design allows the rider to easily change between a secure flat work position to a balanced jumping position. Our extremely popular, top of the range, fully flexible GP saddle features a lower profile cantle for rider comfort and stability when riding in a more forward seat and whilst jumping. Available with a choice of three distinct base types, SMART PRO & SMART NATIVE, to offer optimum fit for the full spectrum of equine back profiles.

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  • SMART™ EVENTER saddle
    An all-round performance saddle suitable for both dressage and jumping. The close contact SMART PRO base and flatter seat allows the rider both the support required in the saddle and room to move when riding out of the saddle. The high performance, ultra-low profile fully flexible base gives the hor..
  • SMART™ GP Saddle
    The SMART™ GP is the perfect saddle choice for the all-round leisure rider who enjoys multi-discipline riding. The ergonomically designed seat shape ensures comfort and security in the saddle, whilst the GP flap design provides versatility between fl..
  • SMART™ Traditional saddle - Introductory Price
    Designed to provide a solution for adults riding cobs, large native breeds or small hunters, where large shoulders and short backs often lead to saddle fitting dilemmas. The lightweight, flexible SMART™ Traditional saddle comfortably accommodates these problem areas,allowing you and your horse ..
  • SMART™ Native GP saddle
    The SMART™ NATIVE GP saddle incorporates all the advantages of the SMART™ saddle system, with special features designed to increase stability for rounder back shapes. The adaptable GP Saddle design allows the rider to easily change between a secure flat work position to a balanced jumping ..
    The SMART NATIVE™ PONY GP saddle has been developed due to demand for a performance saddle from smaller equines and riders. It features the same high specification and design as the SMART™ NATIVE saddle but is reduced in size to accommodate the smaller child & pony. The SMART™ NATIVE G..