Product Code: SMART™ EVENTER saddle
Price: £2,450.00

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An all-round performance saddle suitable for both dressage and jumping. The close contact SMART PRO base and flatter seat allows the rider both the support required in the saddle and room to move when riding out of the saddle. The high performance, ultra-low profile fully flexible base gives the horse protection through high impact disciplines. The adjustable knee blocks and fitting system enable saddle-fit to be easily customised for both horse and rider.

SMART EVENTER saddle features:

  • SMART EVENTER™ ultra-low profile fully flexible base - to provide additional support over the weight bearing area to effectively reduce peak pressures.
  • SMART EVENTER™ low profile, closest-contact seat shape – ideal for those who are accustomed to the feel of a close contact style saddle.
  • A dual purpose, soft padded knee flap to support the rider when riding with either a long leg or shorter jump position.
  • Controlled gullet width for security and stability
  • Customised knee block and thigh block options which can be positioned and adjusted as required by the rider according to discipline. 

The SMART EVENTER is suitable for:

  • Multi-discipline riding
  • Riders who demand the highest performance at all times
  • Particularly sensitive horses or horses with pre-existing conditions
  • Both flat backed & high withered horses



·         SMART™ PRO Cotton quilt saddle cloth and a pair of Knee blocks in the style of your choice included in the price of your SMARTEVENTER saddle.


SMART EVENTER saddle customisations

·         Suede seat + £30
·         Longer length knee flaps + £80
·         Shorter length knee flaps + £60

Colour options

·         Black
·         Dark Havana

Size options

·         3
·         4
·         5
·         6

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