SMART™ PRO Jump saddle - Plus FREE SMART X-over Breastgirth

SMART™ PRO Jump saddle - Plus FREE SMART X-over Breastgirth

Product Code: SMART™ PRO Jump saddle PLUS FREE X-over Breastgirth
Price: £2,995.00

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The SMART PRO™ Jump saddle is an excellent show jumping or cross country saddle - the flatter seat and graduated cantle offers the rider freedom to move, whilst providing support and security where needed. 

Designed in conjunction with and tested by 4* event rider Simon Grieve, the SMART PRO™ is primarily aimed at the competition rider that demands a high level of performance at all times. This saddle is ideal for riders who are accustomed to a traditional feel and prefer riding in a close contact style saddle. The streamlined low profile shape, whilst offering a traditional appearance, provides all the benefits of the fully flexible, SMART technology. Fit & balance can be adjusted with our easy to use balance pad system where required. 

The SMART PRO™ Jump features:

  • The SMART PRO™ low profile extended base panel - provides additional support over a wider surface area to effectively reduce peak pressures.
  • SMART PRO™ ultra-low profile seat - allows a very close contact feel for the rider.
  • The SMART PRO™ controlled gullet width - offers security and stability and is easy to fit to a wide range of back shapes.
  • Forward-cut, Suprabloc™ knee flap - to support a shorter length jumping leg position

The SMART PRO™ Jump is suitable for:

  • Riders who demand the highest performance at all times
  • Particularly sensitive horses or horses with pre-existing conditions
  • Both flat backed & high withered horses
  • cross-country and showjumping

The SMART PRO™ Jump Summer Offer

SMART PRO Jump saddle customisations

·         Suede seat + £30
·         Longer length knee flaps + £80
·         Shorter length knee flaps + £60

Colour options

·         Black
·         Dark Havana

Size options

·         3
·         4
·         5
·         6

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