SMART™ Native GP saddle

SMART™ Native GP saddle

Product Code: SMART Native GP saddle
Price: £2,350.00

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The SMART NATIVE GP saddle incorporates all the advantages of the SMART™ saddle system, with special features designed to increase stability for rounder back shapes. The adaptable GP Saddle design allows the rider to easily change between a secure flat work position to a balanced jumping position. 

The SMART NATIVE GP saddle features:

  • Patented fully flexible low profile SMART NATIVE™ base and fixed gullet for security and stability.
  • A lower profile UltraContact™ seat, for ease of rider position when riding out of the saddle and jumping.
  • A dual purpose, soft padded knee flap to support the rider when riding with either a long leg or jump position.
  • Customised knee block and thigh block options which can be positioned and adjusted as required by the rider for different disciplines

SMART NATIVE GP is suitable for:

  • Everyday riding and competition
  • Traditional breeds such as Mountain & Moorland, Arabian & Iberian.
  • Multi-discipline riding
  • Ideal for adults on ponies

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SMART NATIVE GP saddle customisations

·         Suede seat + £30
·         Suede knee flaps + £50
·         Longer length knee flaps + £80
·         Shorter length knee flaps + £60
·         Suprabloc™ knee flaps + £150

Colour options

·         Black
·         Dark Havana

Size options

·         3
·         4
·         5
·         6

In addition, the SMART NATIVE™ PONY has been developed due to demand for a performance saddle from smaller equines and riders. The same high specification and design as the SMART™ NATIVE saddle system but reduced in size to accommodate the smaller child & pony.

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