SMART™ NATIVE Show saddle

SMART™ NATIVE Show saddle

Product Code: SMART™ NATIVE Show saddle
Price: £2,350.00

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The SMART NATIVE Show saddle incorporates all the advantages of the SMART™ saddle system, with special features designed to increase stability for rounder back shapes. The ultra-traditional looking SMART NATIVE Show saddle is popular in the show ring. The flexible close contact design and stylish cut of the knee flap shows off the horse’s shoulder and movement to greatest effect. The luxurious saddle comes with a soft suede seat and knee rolls as standard creating an elegant overall picture. The SMART saddle features ensure a professional performance from your Show saddle with the comfort and security required for performance riding.

The SMART NATIVE Show saddle features:

  • Patented fully flexible low profile SMART NATIVE™ base and fixed gullet for security and stability
  • An elegant look low profile UltraContact™ seat
  • A cut back knee flap to show off the horses’ movement and shoulder.
  • Luxurious suede features as standard 
  • Customised knee bock and thigh block options which can be positioned and adjusted as required by the rider. 

SMART NATIVE VSD saddle is suitable for:

  • Everyday riding and competition
  • Traditional breeds such as Mountain & Moorland, Arabian & Iberian.
  • Ideal for adults on ponies
  • Flatwork and showing

The SMART™ NATIVE Show saddle is available on special order only and subject to extended lead times. Please ask about lead times at the time of order.

SMART Native Show saddle customisations

·         Longer length knee flaps + £80
·         Shorter length knee flaps + £60

Colour options

·         Black
·         Dark Havana

Size options

·         3
·         4
·         5

·         6