SMART™ saddle cloth

SMART™ saddle cloth

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Essential SMART saddle cloth features:

  • Low Profile Seams - Reduced risk of rubbing and eliminate bulk in the gullet space
  • High Wither Cut - Ensures the saddle cloth will not pull down onto the wither – for use even on a flat backed horse
  • D Tabs with Velcro fastening - Firmly secure saddle cloth to the front D rings of the saddle.
  • Thin Cotton Quilt - High quality cotton quilt will not interfere with or alter the fit and balance of the saddle.
  • Velcro Panel - For secure accurate placement of balance pads. 



  • Dressage
  • GP/Eventer
  • Jump


  • Everyday Cotton quiltTop quality cotton quilt saddle cloth, for everyday use on most horses.
  • Wool-lined (+£40) - Best for horses with thin, sensitive skin or very long rides. The wool lining wicks away sweat and offers more protection.
  • Chamios-lined (+£30) - Provides extra grip if needed but is still breathable. Idea for horses in faster work as well as rounder horses and ponies as it offers more grip and reduces slipping.
  • Dual action anti-slip (+£30) - Eco-friendly mesh on both the top and underside of the saddle cloth to help prevent the saddle cloth slipping on the horse and the saddle from slipping on the cloth. Please note that the mesh material only comes in black or white, so on brown products, black will be used. 

Please choose size of saddle cloth based on the following saddle models:

  • SMART Dressage size 3 saddles = Medium SMART saddle cloth (usually by special order)
  • SMART Dressage size 4 + 5 saddles = Large SMART saddle cloth
  • SMART Jump size 3 & 4 saddles = Large SMART saddle cloth
  • SMART Jump size 5 saddles = Large or XLarge SMART saddle cloth
  • SMART GP size 3 & 4 saddles + Medium SMART saddle cloth
  • SMART GP size 5 saddle = Large SMART saddle cloth
  • For all size 6 SMART saddles, order XLarge SMART saddle cloths


  • Black
  • White
  • Brown

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